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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yahya Seymour: My journey to Islam

Published on Jul 17, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews : In this edition of the show we talk to Yahya Seymour about his journey to Islam.He talks about his challenges and changes as a Muslim convert in Britain before and after embracing the world's fastest-growing religion. His journey to Islam began when he started to realize that he didn't believe that the truth was being told by the media and so, particularly after September 11th his interest in alternative views increased.

He was first introduced to Islam through a Muslim who gave him some leaflets to read. Reading them left him with no choice and he couldn't deny that he believed that Allah was the true God and the prophet Mohammad was his messenger.

Soon after he had a conversation about death which made him think about what he had read about Islam. This ultimately led him to take his Shahada. Interestingly, it was only after he reverted that he started discovering more about Islam. Becoming Muslim was a very natural choice that was also accepted by his family quite easily.