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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Noah's Ark found!

SalafiJustice on Oct 18, 2008: Quran 11-44. And it was said: "O earth! Swallow up your water, and O sky! Withhold (your rain)." And the water was diminished (made to subside) and the Decree (of Allaah) was fulfilled (i.e. the destruction of the people of Nuh (Noah). AND IT (THE SHIP) RESTED ON MOUNT JUDI, and it was said: "Away with the people who are Zalimuun (polytheists and wrong-doing)!"

 Martin Wroe, LONDON - Noah's Ark has been found on the Turkish-Iranian border, 32 kilometres from Mount Ararat, according to the leader of a team of scientists that has been investigating the site for six years. 

 The Turkish government is so convinced by the findings that, after years of intransigence, it has designated the site one of special archaeological interest and agreed to its excavation next summer. The remote site contains a buried, ship-like object, resting an altitude of 2,300 metres. At 170 metres long and 45 metres wide, it conforms almost exactly to the 300 cubit by 50 cubit boat that God told Noah to build, according to Genesis 6 in the Bible. On surrounding terrain, the American and Middle Eastern scientists have identified huge stones with holes carved at one end, which they believe are "drogue-stones," dragged behind ships in the ancient world to stabilise them.

 Radar soundings indicate unusual levels of iron-oxide distribution. Salih Bayraktutan, head of geology at Turkey's Ataturk University, estimates the age of the 'vessel' at more than 100,000 years. "It is a man-made structure and for sure it is Noah's Ark." The site is directly below the mountain of Al Judi, named in the Koran as the Ark's resting place. David Fasold, an American shipwreck specialist with no religious affiliation, has led the investigation. He says subsurface radar surveys of the site have produced "very good pictures." "The radar imagery at about 25 metres down from the stern is so clear that you can count the floorboards between the walls." He believes the team has found the fossilised remains of the upper deck and that the original reed substructure has disappeared. But the findings have infuriated the scores of Christian Ark-hunters who travel to Turkey, convinced the Ark will only be found on Mount Ararat. 

 Some of Fasold's team of geophysicists and geologists are reserving final judgement until the excavation and carbon-dating. But in a British TV series on the environment next month, team member Vendyl Jones, a Middle East archaeologist and inspiration for film character Indiana Jones, says it is "between maybe and probably" that they have found Noah's Ark. The Observer newspaper

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inilah Akibatnya Bila Berkawan Dengan Pas, PKR

"Islam yang saya minati dari kecil khirnya menjadi pedoman untuk saya meneruskan langkah menuju jalan yang diredai", ujar Cheryl Chew atau nama Islamnya Huda Chew, 42.

Ketua wanita Keadilan Cabang Bukit Gelugor itu baru sahaja memeluk Islam setelah meyakini Islam mampu memandunya
kejalan yang diberkati Allah SWT. Beliau mengakui terpaut hati pada ajaran Islam sejak kecil apabila tinggal berhampiran Masjid Pulau Pinang. Bagaimana pun kerana hormat dan ingin menjaga hati ibu bapa, hasratnya untuk memeluk Islam dipendamkan buat sementara waktu. Minatnya untuk memeluk Islam bertunas kembali setelah mendapat ramai sahabat dikalangan penganut Islam.

Menurut beliau, antara yang bertanggungjawab mendorongnya memeluk Islam ialah ketua Keadilan cabang Gombak, Endon Abdullah dan timbalannya Faridah Abdul Karim.

"Alhamdulillah bila ada pendorong akhirnya saya rasa inilah detik yang paling berharga yang perlu saya ambil. Puan Endon dan Faridah merupakan kawan sejatiyang banyak membantu sehingga saya kuat dengan agama sekarang," katanya.

Di Pulau Pinang, Ketua Wanita Keadilan Cabang Bayan Baru Latifah Abdullah dan Ketua Ketua cabang Balik Pulau Sharifah Norhayati juga banyak membantu.huda yang kini bertugas dan tinggal di Kuala Lumpur mengharapkan ramai lagi rakan taulan dapat membantunya mendalami Islam.

Syabas dan tahniah kepada Puan Huda kerana memilih jalan Islam sebagai pedoman hidup. Hidayah yang diperolehi ini haruslah di jaga dan dipraktikkan dengan sebaiknya. Inilah akibat sekiranya berkawan dan bersahabat dengan golongan yang merperjuangkan agama. Selain cuba sedaya upaya memperjuangkan  dan menegakkan agama, PAS akan berdakwah dan terus berdakwah untuk mendekatkan golongan bukan Islam kepada Islam. Kita juga mengharapkan agar lebih ramai lagi yang akan mengikut langkah puan Huda ini.

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can you handle the truth?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Beyond Guantanamo Event

Uploaded by cageprisoners on Sep 25, 2009 - Mustafa Terry Holdbrooks

Woman Converts to Islam After Relatives Are Killed on 9/11.

Uploaded by VOAvideo on Sep 12, 2011 - When Islamic terrorists attacked the United States in 2001, some Americans were angry at Islam, because they see all Muslims as potential terrorists. Others now understand Islam better because it gets so much attention in the media. VOA's Carolyn Presutti tells the story of one woman experienced loss in 2001, but then turned to the same religion that some blamed.

Aussie convert story to Islam {Funny}.

Uploaded by inkofscholars on Oct 15, 2010 - How Ruben (Abu Bakr) Became a Muslim. He was brought up an athiest with ex christian parents. This is by far, the most comical revert story i have ever heard. A must see for ALL.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

CNN: 1.5 Million converts to Islam since 9/11 !!

Uploaded by Zabeehullah on Sep 9, 2007 - Every year 20 thousand people in the USA take Shahada and become muslims. CNN reports that 1.5 million people have converted to Islam since the 9/11 incident in USA! Allahu Akbar!